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How to Attract The Top 1% A-Team Players to Fully Manage Your Stable of Growing Clients & Turn Happy Customers into Raving Fans

(While The Other Agencies Wonder "How'd You Get This Talent?!"...)

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Want a Better Solution than a Fractional Approach?

Invest into Your Own Assets.

Get a Full-Time Hire.

Get Full Support, SOP's, Frameworks and Recorded Trainings.

We are a Full DFY Program that Transitions to DWY at a Fraction of the Cost.

Typically 30% Less than Fractional Client Success Programs

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Full Disclosure: Our Program is Invite Only. We provide EXCLUSIVE services to Digital Marketing Agencies that have been referred to our team. If you require an invitation please message us for an exclusive list of Top Agency Owners or Coaches who will take the time to outline exactly what we deliver.

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AGT Ambassadors You Can Speak With To Verify The Quality of Our Program

  • Josh Nelson

  • Nik Robbins

  • Alex Schlinsky

  • Blake Snodgrass

  • Valentin Eyquem

  • Joel Cowen

Wondering if this Call is Worth it?

If you're here we'll guess you've been referred to us already...

Agency Growth Team programs are invitation and referral-only programs for serious agency owners aspiring to reach 7 or 8-Figures Annually. If you're looking for a candidate worthy of being in the Top 0.1% you've come to the right place

  • We are Referral Only
  • The Best of the Best Come to AGT to Hire & Train their Prospects
  • We Recommend All Candidates Spend a Minimum of Four (4) Weeks Embedded with Our Team of Client Success Managers and Subject Matter Experts
  • Everyone Involved is Prepared to Work to Achieve the Result We Always Deliver for Our Agencies

We Believe So Strongly in Our Ability to Attract, Identify, Select and Train Your Client Success Team We GUARANTEE Results with a Full Satisfaction Guarantee


This is the first time you'll ever see a world-class agency like ours make an offer like this.

Ready To Build Your Dream Team for Client Satisfaction & Retention?

View the Experiences of 7-Figure Agency Owners

Joel Cowen

Holy Cow Digital

Syed Askari

Owner at Pool Builder Marketing Pros

Dean Hawe

Owner at Renegade Media

Shanta Adhikari

Owner at AddMedia NYC

Justing Feldman

Co-Owner at Accounting Clients Accelerator

Jaydon Rossman

Owner at Golden Arrow Marketing

Luke Shankula

Owner at Paragon Digital Marketing

Sam Spijkerman

CEO at SamWhere.Online

Valentin Eyquem

Founder at Storm Agency

Hervin Alvarez

CEO at GetMoreStudents

Bell Santos

CEO at Crane Marketing

Brett Linnenkohl

CEO Evergreen Strategic Systems

COO Roof Engine

Larry Hickman

CEO at ProsperityPPC

Agency Legend Joel Cowen Uses Agency Growth Team for his Agencies:

(1) Holy Cow Digital

(2) The Automated Advisor

7-Figure Agency Owner Hervin Alvarez Hired his 1st Client Success Manager in Under 2 Days from the Top of the Candidate Pool

Our Action Based Satisfaction Guarantee is as Follows:

If your candidate does not complete the necessary training or does not meet the expectations of our Client Success Managers during their placement in the program we will replace the candidate at no additional charge to your agency.

During the program, your agency will have direct access to the training program and onboarding systems of our 7-Figure Digital Agency with 10+ Years of Experience leading remote teams.

A failure of your agency to modernize to current best practices will not be your candidates' fault, but your own and the action based component of our guarantee means you will be required:

  • To Monitor Your Candidate(s) Progress
  • Participate in Recorded Trainings for Agencies
  • Create a Welcoming, Open & Collaborative Work Environment
  • Communicate Expectations Clearly
  • Follow Our Job Scorecard Outline

Here Is A Taste Of What You'll Get…If You Qualify For Our Client Success Accelerator

Dedicated 1:1 time with Chief Clinical Officer & VP of Client Success Brad Ferris, RN

Exposure to Our 7-Figure Onboarding Process, Templates & Client University

Over 70 Hours of Recorded Content Directly Training Dozens of Client Success Managers

Live Daily Coaching with Brad Ferris and Our Client Success Team to Directly Integrate with Active Management of 100+ Clients

Direct Access to How We Conduct Client Trainings to Keep Churn Below 5%

++++ VALUE

Access to all of Our Hiring Tools & Resources to Build a Better Team for Scale

Three (3) Programs to Benefit Your Agency

We Recommend All Combined!

Select One (1), Two (2) or All Three (3)

Choose Our Full Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Your Superstar Client Success Professional

Contact Us for Pricing

Place Your New or Existing Team into Our Client Success University to Accelerate their Knowledge and Performance

Only $997 per Agency

Have Your Team Join Our Virtual Support Program with Six (6) Sessions per Week + Access to All Our Coaches

Only $297 per Month per Agency

Here is What You Receive:

  • Inside Access to a Client Success Department of an Established 7-Figure Agency (3% Churn) 

  • Dozens of Resources, How-To-Guides, Templates, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Checklists

  • Workshops, Impact Trainings & Fully Exclusive Private Recordings

  • Access to Daily Client Success Huddles

  • Dedicated Slack Channel Access & Support

What We Cover:

  • Welcome Calls

    • Preparation, Deliver & Post-Welcome Call SOPs

    • Step-by-Step Tutorials for Delivering to Clients

    • Multiple Recorded Welcome Calls

    • When Welcome Calls Go Sideways (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • Plus Onboarding Calls, Live Trainings & Kick-Off Calls (same as above)

  • Daily Workflow SOPs, Setting Agendas, Daily Checklists & Daily Update Templates

  • Preview of Our Practice Profit Workshop with Clients

  • Deep Dive into Our 3-Way Client Results Reporting & Tracking System

  • How to Complete & Deliver Mid-Month Updates & Monthly Reports

  • Creating & Updating Your Corporate LinkedIn Profile

  • Client Reward Journey: Client Gifting, Ordering & Deep Dive on Our Client Gifting Schedule

  • Essentials of Client Documentation: Expectations & Templates

  • Setting Up Your Client Success Team with a Phone Tree

  • Calendar Management & Setting Zoom Calls

  • Review Generation & How to Manage Negative Client Reviews

  • GoHighLevel Training for Client Success

  • Secret Shop Process & SOPs

  • Client De-escalation Techniques

  • Client Off-boarding

  • Client Call Audit Scorecards & SOPs

  • Our 12-Step Client Call Script Structure

  • Impact Trainings:

    • Why Most Small Businesses Fail

    • Confidence Anchors & Permission Statements

    • The Client Onboarding Journey

    • Why We Obsess Over Client Success (Part 1)

    • Why We Obsess Over Client Success (Part 2)

    • Retention, Reviews, Referrals & Testimonial Creation

    • Resetting Client Expectations

    • Client No Show Trainings Part 1 & 2

    • Setting Up Client Upsells & Cross-Selling Part 1 & 2

    • Proven Client Lead Nurturing Sequences

    • Technical Components like Facebook Page Access, GBP & More

  • BONUS: Access to 7-Figure Agency Client University with 40+ Hours of Content & Over 50 Client Dedicated SOPs

  • BONUS: Time-Frame-Result Training

  • BONUS: 7-Figure Agency Full Access Preview

Imagine Where Your Agency Will Be in the Next 90 Days…

World-Class Client Success Professional(s) Integrated into Your Agency with Systems & Processes Ready for You...

7-Figure Agency Checklists, Templates & Recordings Give Your Hire the Best Chance of Success to Scale...

Tracked Progress by Trained Client Success Managers Who Shadow Your Hire Each & Every Day for Intensive Training, Support & Mentorship

What Does the Full Recruitment Timeline Look Like?

1 to 7 Days

Select a Candidate in Our Hiring Queue or Launch a Hiring Funnel

14 Days

Expect a Great Professional to be Available Immediately or Need to Give 2 Weeks Notice

2 Weeks

Your Hire will Train (Paid) with AGT Coaches 1:1 for 2 Full Weeks

2 Weeks

Your Hire Starts their Position with Your Agency in Week 3 at 50% moving to 75% by Week 4

60 Days

Your CSM is then Supported a Total of 60 Days by Our Coaches


Your Hire is Supported by AGT Coaches at $297 a Month

View the Experiences of Our Graduates




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Done-For-You Client Success Hiring Funnel

Applicant Initial Survey Collection

Individualized Selection Process

Recorded Interviews & Scoring

Four (4) Week Intensive Training with Our Client Success Managers

AGT Client Packs with Hiring Templates

Guaranteed Results

($4,500 Value)

($750 Value)

($1,750 Value)

($750 Value)

($2,500 Value)

($2,500 Value)

($2,500 Value)

Total Value: $15,000+

Done-For-You, Client Success Hiring, Training & Placement




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